Iron Ore Products

PT Cakra Mineral Tbk has iron ore mines with Fe content of 56% - 58% which berlokasikan Turmeric River, West Sumatra. PT Persada Indo Tambang (PIT) as a subsidiary company is the first producer of iron ore for the company. Mined iron ore company wholly exported to the People's Republic of China. In 2012, the export ban imposed by the government, but the Chakras Minerals Tbk PT secured export licenses and quotas so that the company is still able to operate and perform the export.

Iron is a metallic element of high economic value because it is easily modified and utilized for a variety of human needs, both heavy and light industries. In the steel making industry, the main raw material used is iron ore. So that the iron ore needs both nationally and internationally is very high due to the development or construction of any permanent steel as a basic need of development.